About Us

Pacto Alegre is a proposal for a movement of articulation and efficiency to develop high

impact projects for the city. The movement aims to create conditions for the city to become

a hub of innovation, investment attraction and entrepreneurship. The agreement establishes

the sharing of resources and partnerships with the government as well as the private sector.

The idea is to  join forces from all segments, in favor of a common agenda.




We are a movement seeking to transform Porto Alegre into a reference as a world-class

global innovation ecosystem which leverages our skills, based on values and purpose, retaining

and attracting talents. We arecity-society originated, bringing together businessmen, academics,

citizens and public actors worried about the future. We base our actions on creativity,

new technologies and innovation, having people as agents of transformation, with high social

and environmental impact  on society and in business, from startups to larger companies.

We cooperate and work TOGETHER in building an inspiring environment that contributes

to creating a better future for our city and its citizens.






Vídeo: We truthfully thank the people who participated in the events: Pacto Alegre 1st Project Cycle, March 3rd, 2019, held at NAU LIVE SPACES;  Creative Challenge - City Center+ Hackathon (Desafio Criativo Centro +) September 24th - 26th , 2021, held at Farol Santander; the members of Pacto Alegre Board and the Operational Technical Group (GTO), for participating in this video. Images kindly provided by the City of Porto Alegre, Social Communications Office. (Jefferson Bernardes Instagram: @jeffbernardes / Cesar Lopes Instagram: @cesarlopesfotografo / Antônio Maciel Instagram @antmaciel / Ricardo Gomes Instagram: @ricardogomes) / Script and Editing: Ricardo Gomes - Instagram: @ricardogomes / Translation: Clarice Lamb Instagram: @lambclarice